Working with pain

Hmm. I need to post more, as usual.
I’ve been working a lot lately. Like, a lot. I come home from work, and jump on my laptop and do more work. Work has gotten to the point where it seems like I either do that, or I deal with being overflowed with issues during the workday.
Of course, it could also be due to my ADD medication changing. My doctor took my complaints about it wearing off too early in the day, coupled with my forgetfulness for taking a second dose in the afternoon, and switched me from Ritalin LA to Adderall. Also upped my dosage level too. So yeah, maybe I’m on too much. 🙂 Sure am getting stuff done and feeling better and more focused and in control than I have in a long time. But I also tend to not feel very hungry (benefit in my opinion) and my throat is dry all the time (not fun). I’ll talk with my doctor on Monday and see where we go from here.
Also been diagnosed with “mild” carpal tunnel. I don’t know how this pain is “mild” but whatever. Doctor had me go to a specialist for an EMG where they proceeded to shock my arm with electricity and stick needles into it and look at a computer readout. Yeah, if your arm is suffering from nerve related pain, and you have that done, it HURTS for a couple days. The electro-doctor gave me a carpal tunnel brace and told me the elbow brace to protect the nerve in the elbow, which my main doctor had preliminarily prescribed, would be useless. So, yeah, get to hear the doctor figure out what to do next with that.
The bottom line is that I still have recurring pain/tingling in my arm, sometimes in my neck, sometimes elbow, sometimes bicep, sometimes shoulder, sometimes my pinky/ring figners and sometimes wrist. I guess there’s probably multiple things wrong with it, all caused by excessive computer/mouse usage and poor posture. The elbow brace helped a few days, then seemed to start aggravating other areas of pain. The wrist brace for carpal tunnel might be working, or it might just be aggravating my palm, since it has a big metal thing that pushes on my palm all night long.

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