Windows sucks

Okay Windows sucks.
My sister called up two nights ago saying her mouse didn’t work anymore. I tried having them try a PS/2 mouse. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling from the device manager. I tried safe mode. I tried microsoft’s knowledge base (nothing). I tried windows 2k repair mode…or rather I would have, except she lost her Win 2k disk. Grrrr. I can’t even find a pirated version to use for a quick fix. I hate windows.
Last night I came home to find my own computer not booting up due to a corrupt registry. Thankfully I had my second computer and MY Win XP disk. So I launched into repair mode and replaced my windows/system32/config/system file as the knowledge base article told me to do. Of course, now my system has lost all record of all applied updates and drivers (my applications are okay though 🙂 ). And I can’t remotely connect to it having forgotten to recheck the “allow remote connections” box. Grr. I hate windows.
But still, at least my machine is working. I just can’t do anything for my sister (she can’t afford a repair shop and needs it for homework). I’ve been relegated to spending my nights looking for an overlooked solution or a win2k iso. 🙁 By the way, I can’t even pirate windows (I’m anti piracy in general so it seems ironic that the one time I want to, I can’t) since no one has 2k anymore, they all have XP. I HATE WINDOWS!

2 thoughts on “Windows sucks”

  1. What do you mean “no one has 2k”? Like a store, or your friends? If you have a legal key for windows, I don’t see the problem with using someone’s ISO as a repair disc.

  2. I meant kazaa and the like. Actually a coworker has the 2k disk, so I’ll borrow his and dcc an iso to her so she can burn it. Of course she lost her key as well, it was on the case.

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