Wind and Commercials

So, I’m not sure what to say about Katrina other than my heart and prayers go out to the victims. There’s a lot of other issues I could discuss, political, spiritual, economical, whatever, but right now, let’s just focus on healing the area and getting people food/water/shelter.
In less depressing news, I’m wondering if someone can link me to an online copy of that new Citibank commercial. You know the one, it’s where these two guys are dressed up in costumes fighting each other according to the commands of their two friends on a couch. They’re basically acting out a fighting video game (It’s one of those Citibank commercials where the’yre like “Don’t wait forever for your credit card rewards and have to improvise your videogames, just get our card and get points faster”). Anyway, I’d love to share it with other people who don’t watch much TV, but I don’t have a digital copy of it…maybe I should try out the video-in capabilities of my new video card.
On that note, in case anyone didn’t already know, the Citibank Platinum Select credit card rocks. I get 1% back on normal purchases (pretty standard) and 5% (yes five) back on grocery store and gas station purchases (even more relevant with the rising gas prices…). You get up to 300$ back a year, and can request your checks as soon as you’ve earned 50$ of cash back.

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