Wii Launch

What an adventure today has been. Okay, so not really, but it has been fun.
Mii and my friiend decided to try to get a Wii. We knew Best Buy literally had people camped out, but for some reason as of midnight Toys R Us had nobody. So we decided to get up at 6 am and get in line at Toys R Us.
We sleepily arrived and took positions 8 and 9 in line. An hour later of freezing and the manager informed us they’d have 18 consoles beyond preorders, so we were good. ^^ Just two more hours of waiting and wii were iinside getting controllers, games, and Wiis.
Then it was off to church where we had a really good sermon. Following the service, we went to lunch, as the same friend I waited in line with for the Wii was celebrating his birthday.
Which means we had a party at his house and lots of people were playing Wii sports and loving it. It’s really fun. It really gets you into it and active and moving around. I have to imagine it’s similar to how people had fun when Pong first came out back in the day.
So yeah, I have a Wii, a second remote/nunchuk, a classic controller, Trauma Center, Rayman, and Zelda. Off to play some more now. 🙂 Hopefully the stores will get Component video cables soon.

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