Well that stinks (aka. Promyvion – Dem recap)

So I just did the Promyvion-Dem area in FFXI. For those unfamiliar with the game this is one of 4 new areas that are similarly structured and involve getting 18 people to help and then you get to a final area, split into groups of 6 and fight a hard boss.
Everything started great, we had a good group of people going, then we had to wait half an hour for someone to get ready, and of course people started getting impatient. Shoulda known that forboded disaster…So we finally calm down the whining people, they wait, the other guy shows up, and we start.
Now, we’re rocking through the first two levels, then get the 3rd one, and we’re waiting for a portal to the last level to spawn (it’s random) and it’s taking forever. Then unfortunately, a guy disconnects for like 10-20 minutes. And then chaos breaks out.
Half the group wants to wait, half wants to go on, half doesn’t know what to do (and yes i know that doesn’t add up, but it’s how it felt). We finally decide it’s taking too long, mostly due to the vocal people threatening to leave if we wait…So we go ahead. However one of the three parties decides to wait for the guy no matter what….So the other two parties go since it’s getting past 2 AM eastern time, and so we go to the next level. And almost…as soon as we get there….the guy comes back online >.< Then it's like "let's go back for them" from me...and "NO NONONONONONONONONO OMGN NONONON" and "I'LL LOG OFF IF WE DO OMG WE CNA"T NO"""!!!""" And yes the left behind people can't just catch up, the stuff is too nasty for 1 party of 6, but is fine for 2 parties. But alas, both of the remaining parties refuse to go back. (Well a couple in each, including me, wanted to, but we were overruled). So we rush forward, half of us die, we have a mess getting people raised and restored, then continue forward, the 3rd party hooks up with some people and gets forward, but loses one person behind and has to go back..., we get to the end point. The other party is pissed at us for abandoning us, I'm feeling horrible and trying to convince people to go back and stop the other party from hating me and hating the others due to the time restraints of peopel with jobs...and blah. As for the final boss area, we go in and win rather easily and quickly. Making me feel even worse. *sigh* At least I'm halfway done with Promyvion now. But it sucks that I've managed to make even more people mad at me in this game. I hate online communication for its tendency to do that with me.

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