Weekends are fun

Well I had a good weekend. From playing lots of FFTA, going to the mall a couple times (wow, interaction with other people), watching a Bills game (yeah I know I know, they lost), to getting my sister’s computer running again, it was pretty good.
While I was at the mall I even got to see some shoplifters get away. Felt bad that I didn’t notice them sooner, I wish I could have tackled them. That would have been fun. 🙂
One of my projects this weekend was getting cat hair off the bedspread…….that’s not easy. I tried to wash it, and really, not much came off. But it was still a little damp and so I was able to rub it and it all clumped together and came off with not too much effort. I say it was a 75% success. Now, I also washed my sheets, which resulted in me being interrupted while showering by a clunk Clunk CLUnk CLUNk CLUNK CLUNK! Which after I waited a few seconds repeated again. Turns out the washer was unbalanced, and it took like 5 tries to rebalance it. *move stuff around* *close lid* CLUNK CLUNK! *repeat*. Then when I did a colored load later IT HAPPENED AGAIN! I never have had problems with unbalanced loads in this washer. So it was very frustrating. This load took like 10 tries to get rebalanced. Oh well, guess I need more training.
Talked to Scott Gengelbach last night, that was good. He ridiculed me for my team losing to his (he’s a Chiefs fan) and then told me to give him money. (Okay, so that was for a different reason 😉 ) And then he made me join is Fantasy Basketball league! I mean, the nerve of this guy. ;p
Anyway, that’s a good summary, hope it wasn’t too boring. Guess I’ll go to work now.

2 thoughts on “Weekends are fun”

  1. I didn’t ridicule you! I just laughed uncontrollably as the Bills decided to give the ball to the Chiefs in every possession they had. Then I laughed anyone who would choose to associate themselves with such a ridiculous excuse for a team. And then I laughed at the fact that you’re a Bills fan……
    Maybe I did in fact ridicule you!

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