As a follow up to a previous post, but mostly because I finally found the other file I had all this stuff in, I present:
Chris’s Want List
Christian Music:
Time Will Be the Tell (100 Portraits)
Close Window
Where Angels Fear to Tread (Matt Redman)
Video Game Soundtracks from www.cdjapan.co.jp or www.animenation.com or www.gamemusic.com
1) Chrono Cross Soundtrack
2) Celtic Moon good, liked it
3) FFVII OSV –perhaps wait due to reunion
4) FFIV OSV good, sounds themselves are dated, but music wonderful
5) Grand Finale good, did like it
6) Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite
7) Secret of Mana OSV
8) Star Ocean 2 Arranged Soundtrack
9) FFX
Hayashibara Megumi ‘vintage s’
TCM-their remix cd
The Black Mages – bought it
Pablo Honey
The matrix reloaded album
Princess Mononoke Symphonic suite
.Hack soundtrack – bought it
Video Games:
For Playstation 2
.hack Infection
Final Fantasy X-2 (note the 2) – preordered
For GameCube
The system itself
Game Boy Player
– bought ’em 🙂
Skies of Arcadia
Smash Brothers Melee
Zelda: Wind Waker – bought it
Metroid Prime
For GameBoy Advance
Golden Sun 2
Socks (my goodness am I old)
CD/MP3 player
Automatic Litterbox from Walmart

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