So I got back from Urbana yesterday. Awesome awesome awesome! I really had fun. Seeing friends, learning many things about Jesus, and celebrating New Years with 20,000 people…can’t beat that.
I also woke up a bit spiriturally and started to see what I should be doing and what some goals for my life right now should be.
I also got a bunch of books (as is normal at Urbana…such good prices).
And finally, I think God started to put Japan on my heart. Now I’m skeptical as it seems to easy to say that I should start doing missions related stuff in Japan as I’m rather obsessed with its culture due to animé and videogames. In other words, I think I have a “heart” for Japan in the tourist/selfish sense. But the feeling just wouldn’t go away no matter how I thought about it or prayed about it. Just this intense caring for Japanese people and seeing God expressed/worshipped in their cultural ways. It was weird and I even think I had a picture or two thrown into my mind about the whole thing, not that I have any clue what they mean. So yeah, I’m gonna keep investigating whether or not God may be telling me to do something in/for/with Japan in a missionary sense. Whether that may be financial support of someone, or going myself, or nothing at all, I have no idea yet. But hey, it’s God, if he wants me there, he’ll get me there.

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  1. My dear, dear Sabin. Go FOR IT!! Fufill your selfish desires and needs! You will be the Godzilla ravaging and chomping down on Tokyo Tower!! -_- Maybe not.. At the least, do it for me!!!

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