So, like where have I been? Ummm….FFXI. ^^; I guess I should post more, but it’s soooo fun to play.
Anyway, so characters status…I wonder if I should make a journal for him…maybe later.
Name: Nubuo (couldn’t get Nobuo 🙁 )
Race: Tarutaru
Class: Red Mage
Level: 10
Rank: 2
Spells: White – Dia, Cure, Protect, Barsleep, BarPoison
Black – Stone, Water, Poison
Sword: Spatha 🙂 Gotta love the spatha
Anyway, as for more real life stuff. I just had a great conversation with Mr. Dan Hilmers the other day. Cool to catch up on stuff at the old Alma Mater and such. Can’t wait to go to Urbana later this year and see him and a bunch of other Intervarsity folks.
Oh, and at the Passion concert they had this great opening techno song. I wrote their website and asked who made it and they responded! So I’m listening right now to my first Christian techno cd. I’ve wanted to find Christian techno for so long. And it’s good too! 🙂
Need to get back to work though…I’ve been way too distracted lately. I now hide the IRC windows at work. So now only Paws and Firemyst (and occasionally Faith) get my chatting attentions after I get situated.
Mood: Happy and Jammin’

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