Okay here comes a long one.
This past weekend I went to my friend’s wedding. I’m in Madison, WI and the wedding was in Shreveport, LA, so this involved flying. So my adventure begins with the 5:20 PM flight out of Madison. I decide leave work at 4 and go to the airport so I get a decent workday in and don’t wait too long at the airport.
Enter traffic accident on the beltline causing near stoppage on the direction I need to go…which is okay, since I got on the wrong direction (as it’s how I usually go leaving work…). So I circle around and try to go through downtown.
This goes great until…I hit downtown traffic. Bleh. Blah, ick, ugh, I get to the airport at 4:53, and have to drive around for a parking spot and get to the check in counter at 5:07 (yes I was checking a bag, stupid, but necessary due to my suit and wedding presents).
So they say, “yeah right” no way dude, not with a bag to check and security yet to go through. You will come back for the 5:45AM flight. I sullenly go home and chat the rest of the night and go to bed at 12:45.
I get up bright and cheerful (>.> <.<) at 3:45 and get dressed and out the door by 4. (I decided I was gonna be on time for sure 🙂 ). I make it there just fine (funny how there's no traffic at 4 in the morning...and i fly off to Cincinnati. In Cincinnati I find the coolest little thing. Have you ever seen those rent a dvd player for you flight stores in airports? They're called Inmotion. And I notice a Final Fantasy Tactics sign out front (which I had played on the flight to Cinci). I walk up and the guy tells me I can rent a GBA for free as part of a trial program. I'm like well I already have one, but then I notice it's the SP and I can't resist. So I sign up and happily play an SP and pokemon pinball (one of the 3 games you can get, and since I already had FFTA) and get 60 million points and 2 pokemon. But then enough of that, back to FFTA. I check my watch, 7:50ish and my flights at 9 so I have about 40 minutes to play and I do so. 8:24 comes and I head down to my terminal and see a plane taking off and jokingly say to myself, "That'd suck if it was your plane, hehe." And then it hits me, I'm in Cincinnati, Eastern watch was on Central plane had boarded an hour ago... Yes, I missed two flights. I'm an idiot. I went and told the customer service desk so and they were very helpful and set me up on the next flights. So instead of getting there at 10PM on Friday, or 12:45PM on Saturday, I'll now be getting there at 3:30 on Saturday...for a 6:00PM wedding, ick, but doable. I go and park myself at the gate so that I won't miss my plane and successfully land in Atlanta after changing my watch to Eastern time and calling my friend I was supposed to meet on Friday night (who took a Taxi instead of the rental car I had reserved, since he didn't know what had happened to me....but that did mean the rental car was waiting for me...though I had put it in his name...good thing I had the reservation number 🙂 ) In Atlanta I play gba for part of my layover (I'm on eastern time though, so it's okay) and turn the player in. I loved that SP. You see, I have a GBA with an afterburner (internal light modification to provide lighting very similar to that in the SP, so I thought I didn't need an SP. Boy was I wrong. The screen quality is better in that they have a better antireflective on the screen than the afterburner kit provides (theirs is a film you apply, I surmise the SP's is coated and therefore much better). The only problem is that the SP gives a slight bluish hue and isn't AS bright as the afterburner, but it's still a better experienc. Also the button placment is so much better for my hands. L and R are great, and I can play with just one hand again! Go eating while playing game boy. So yeah, I reluctantly accept the fact I'll have to buy an SP someday....and get on my plane and succesfully get to Shreveport. Hooray! A slight issue at the rental agency over my age, which is easily smoothed by me being very confident that I'm correct, and I'm off to the hotel, meet my friend and go to a great wedding. Which ended not with rice, but with Sparklers showering the bride and groom! 🙂 Here are pictures: Sparklers 1
Sparklers 2
Anyway, the next day I’m on the same flight as my friend, and we get the airport just fine and I make it home and it’s much faster/easier and better than Saturday. So yay! So ends my adventure, I’ve never ever had travel problems like this (and I’ve gone to Africa…) and I hope I never will again.
Now to keep myself from dropping money on an SP or Gameboy player…

5 thoughts on “Travel…issues.”

  1. *initial laughter for missing the flights*
    Okay, after that, I’m glad you finally made it. I’ve never heard of Inmotion, but I always bring my own entertainment (books, SP, laptop). Is this part of the airline you were flying, or a 3rd party service?

  2. They’re a third party business you see in airports here are there. They’re in like all the big ones. And like I said, it was free. I would never pay for it 🙂

  3. Livejournal is so much cooler. I would have been a wreck if that had happened to me. I get so paranoid about being tapped and missing my flight would have sent me into overload mode. It’s awesome that you stayed so calm and got through it anyway 😀 Weddings generally bother me, only because all the people are so happy and it rubs off on me. XD

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