Thunderbird Transparency Trepidation

Ever since Thunderbird updated to version 6, its default theme has used transparent Aero effects that look pretty. Unfortunately, if you’re on a PC (say, at work) that doesn’t have a very good video card, these transparency effects really slow you down. How do you fix this?
Well, there is no way to disable it in Thunderbird. Apparently they’ve decided everyone with slow PCs that want to use their email client needs to upgrade to better hardware. So we’re forced to go with 3rd party theme creators.
I had been using the “Silvermel” theme, available here: It looks nice and gets rid of the transparency effects. Unfortunately, it still hasn’t been updated to work properly in Thunderbird 8, resulting in very weird formatting issues as you scroll up and down your email list.
That’s why i was very happy to find “Ignore Aero”, available here: This theme makes Thunderbird look how it did in Thunderbird 5, with no transparency effects and works with Thunderbird 8.
Now if only the author had a normal looking name, “rsjtdrjgfuzkfg” isn’t the most “oh it’s safe to download something from this guy” inspiring moniker.

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