The Gamecube

So I found myself with some money this month and decided it was time for a Gamecube. Now you should understand I was in uber impulsive mode. So rational thought need not apply. I went into IRC and asked their opinions on the cube, to which I got a round of thumbs up. Yay. Then the decision between new and used. New bundle with several 3rd party accessories or used for 30 less and get 1st party accessories. Eventually, we decided to go with used.
So, on I went to Gamestop. Except Gamestop didn’t have any used or refurbed Gamecubes. So I thought i’d pick up a used game or two and then go to Comp Usa to pick up that new bundle. I basically spent 10 minutes looking at used games I didn’t have time to play yet, and didn’t buy any.
So I went to CompUSA to buy the system. Except they were closed at 9:00….which was right when I got there. So I stopped in Target to see if they had any deals, but they didn’t and i spent 10 minutes talking myself into waiting and not be impulsive. I did so and now I’m home. but i’m stilll hyper or something….the end.
Till tomorrow. MWAHAHAHA!!!

One thought on “The Gamecube”

  1. he he he. you’re funny. maybe I’m funny because I decided to put a comment on your blog to be cool. Love you, my brother. And I like to put false personal information. Like what spaniard would make up a website (because es is what they put on the end of their websites in Spain instead of com which spells no sense for them because com isn’t a country. We should be us or something) and name it absolutelynot. In english, and something completely irrelevant. he he he

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