The Doctor's visit

Well today was the big day. I went to the doctor to confirm/deny my recent suspicions that I have ADD. Basically I got there and listed off my major symptoms/concerns, the doctor asked some questions and checked my thyroid/bloodwork and scheduled an appointment on Dec. 3rd for an all day testing to see if I have ADD.
Yes, I have to wait a month and a half to see if I have it. And miss a day of work in the process. :/ On top of all that, I have to bring someone who knows me and my symptoms for the first 45 minutes of the appointment. I know nobody in Madison who knows me that well, and I don’t plan on asking my parents/sister/friends from Ames, IA to spend a day driving just to be here for a 45 minute question and answer session.
So I’m frustrated, confused and worried that my symptoms will magically disappear between now and Dec. and I won’t have someone with my and I’ll just be very embarrased and stuff.
Then I take a deep breath and think about it, and really, there’s no problem. I just need to find that person to bring.
One interesting thing is that the doctor followed up on my tiredness symptoms by asking if I snored (I supposedly do) and how heavily and if I stop breathing and stuff (no idea, hasn’t been mentioned by my roommates). That’s sleep apnia in case you’re wondering and it made me realize how important sleep is to the symptoms I described. So I’m going to try to improve my sleep habits and ask my old roommates if I had any snoring/breathing issues. Maybe that will cause some/total improvement. It’s an interesting thing to investigate.
Anyway, the new “big day” is Dec. 3rd. And I just “can’t wait”…..

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  1. Hey Chris, we should talk sometime this week. We can discuss any issues you want to bring up. And you owe me money, so we can settle up!

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