Thank you, Capcom

Ohhhhh man, after making Phoenix Wright was not the main character of the 4th Phoenix Wright style game, I was a bit disappointed with Capcom.
All that has changed. They have made it right.
A Prosecutor Edgewoth game. Thank you, Capcom. Thank you.

One thought on “Thank you, Capcom”

  1. Don’t fret, my friend. Apollo Justice is still a great game and there is plenty of Phoenix Wright to be had in it. The more you play Apollo Justice, the more you appreciate Phoenix Wright’s character in it. The cases all connect together very well.
    However, I am also a sucker for Edgeworth, so I will look forward to the Edgeworth DS game with you. I hadn’t seen this yet, so thank you for sharing. Hopefully Edgeworth’s seriousness will be balanced with some goofy characters. I see Gumshoe in there, so that will certainly help!

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