Super Bowl Day

So it’s that Super Bowl day thing. Gonna watch two teams that aren’t mine (Go Bills…next year…maybe….). But I’ll be with friends and eating junk food that I shouldn’t eat (hey, I’ve lost 25 pounds so far on my low cholesterol/trigliceride diet that I started in October, so pfffffbt), so it’ll be fun.
Been doing a bunch of work for lately, but I took the last couple days off to focus on like…having time off from doing anything. That was fun, but I figured I should sit down and do some rpgamer stuff between church and the Super Bowl today….yeah, that didn’t work. Surprisingly, I can’t get into a working mindset on a Sunday afternoon. 😉 Oh well, I figured out how to cvs stuff to my local machine from a remote one, so that’ll be useful in the future at least.
In other news, is down…I don’t know why, but I wanted to update stuff from it, so that’s a bit frustrating. It’s been like…two days now.
So yeah, I’ve been sitting here watching this No limit Texas hold’em poker thing. I think I get how it works now. Seems fun, I’ll have to try it with some friends…assuming they don’t actually play for more than like M&Ms or something…
Bought a bunch of Japanese CDs recently, too. Man I love anime/video game music/Japanese pop music. Hikaru Utada = swoon.
And for some odd reason, my local Waldenbooks can’t get Initial D volume 4 in stock for me. I actually have to go order it somewhere else, that really surprises me. Oh well, guess I’ll hit up amazon or something.

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