Series of Tubes!

Okay, so the background here is that some people want to charge big websites on the internet for using lots of bandwidth due to the lots of readers that they have. Nevermind that the readers and websites already pay for their bandwidth, no the internet companies want to charge again for using lots and lots of bandwidth.
So yeah, the issue is referred to as net neutrality (as in, we want the internet to be neutral and not have to incur extra costs just for using it, even though we already paid for access). This issue has been debated in the senate and one dude, senator Ted Stevens demonstrated how little he actually knows about the internet, in a rambling speech where he promoted the position where sites that use lots of bandwidth would have to pay more.
Anyway, the speech was first criticised on the Daily Show here.
And then, even better, the speech was set to a techno remix here.
Just, fantastic stuff.

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