Sega Fantasy VI

Only gamers will care about this post, and most of you have seen it already. But just in case one hasn’t…
Here is the link to the superbly rewritten ending of Final Fantasy VI using video game consoles and aptly titled fighting moves. I present to you Sega Fantasy VI:
Original Japanese:
[UPDATE: 10/8/06] The English Version link on the original site no longer works. Here’s another one:
As an important sidenote, all the music is available from the flash. Here’s a listing of the links:
Of course, the most notable remix is that wonderful Decisivie battle remix, available here:
The page this artist (I-Chu) links his mixes off is this one:
Other pages to take note of: (need to click on the blue link in the upper right and then it’ll change to a search for all mixes after date X, leave it as it is and you’ll get a listing of all his mixes).
Yes, it involves a lot of clicking, as there are over 300 midis/mp3s between the links I just posted, but they can be quite good. So, there you go, enjoy if you’re into scrounging up every last remix on the net.
[UPDATE: 10/8/06] Apparently I-Chu isn’t posting his music online anymore, so that link above doesn’t work. His main page is here: and I would read it to see what’s up, but I can’t read Japanese.

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  1. Yo sabin, if your even still active. Can you possibly upload i-chu’s old work or hit me up on my email i tried to recover a bunch of his mp3’s from my dead hardrive with no luck.
    You’ll probably never see this though.

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