Seattle Continued

This morning we went to the Pike Place market and we got to see the flying fish. When people purchase large fish they get tossed to the guys behind the counter for packaging, makes a nice show. Then we walked around the other stores of the market and returned home.
Mikel, Erin, and Vivian are out at a party which leaves me alone with the cats, and so I chose to finish up work on my blog. I have all the pieces upgraded to MovableType 4.0 and even turned on some fun dynamic publish settings so that the whole thing is a bit snappier on the back-end. If anyone’s wondering, having 14723 spam comments sitting around in your database makes entry publishing very very slow, as well as consume a lot of memory (and subsequently cause your webhost to kill the process). The solution? Delete all those old comments marked as spam, all better now.

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