Sacred Photoshop

Was putting up my writeup of our demo of Sacred 2 at GDC last week, when I found myself i need of some image editing. Now, since I’m on vista, I decided to try the built-in tools as Vista is supposed to be all multimedia friendly. Yeah, not so much. About all I can do is some general contrast/brightness adjustments to photos. Actually editing and cropping with magic wand tools and stuff isn’t here.
So I tried I have to say I’m impressed with all the cool stuff in a free program. And normally, this would be more than enough for what I need. But ultimately, the lack of good anti-aliasing on the brush tools or bevels on the layers kept it from being a winner for me.
So, this is where I would go back to Photoshop Elements. Except that Adobe said only 5.0 is Vista compatible, and I have 2.0, which is why I hadn’t installed it yet. Since I’m desperate though, I decided to give it a shot. And low and behold, installing in XP compatibility mode as an admin seems to work, and Elements is running. I half wish Adobe would have just said you can make the old versions work, but the other half wishes this would have failed. Then I would have had a good excuse to buy the latest version of Elements. 5 looks neat, though I can’t figure out a good reasoning to think that I require it.
Ah well.
In other news, Microsoft updated Dreamscene, so now I have a bubbling brook as my desktop background, it’s pretty neat, but it still takes up 20% on each core of my CPU. :X Pretty hefty requirements for a background.

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