Random Game Reviewts – 9/7/2014

A reviewt is a short impression of a game. Usually one line.

Fight the Dragon – Diablo clone with an online level creation/sharing feature. It’s still in early access but it actually seems like it could be super cool. You simply click on a map to spawn a new level and you can select all the best rated user levels from a menu. Looking forward to it’s full release.

Smite – A Moba. This one is different cause it’s 3rd person over the shoulder. Looks intriguing, doubt I’ll spend much time on it.

Fist Puncher: Side scrolling beat-em-up with a comic treatment of older games like it. You can play as the robot unicorn, nuff said.

Ittle Dew – Imagine a zelda game that was all block puzzles. Good presentation and puzzles, want to play more.

Kingdom Rush – Tower defense. Pretty well done, but the levels take too long even on easy mode. Good when you just want to click something while watching TV.

QuestRun – Side scrolling three lane move-forward-rpg-thing-that-I-can’t-explain-well. It’s way too hard to be fun.

Wildlife Park 3 – I was told I was the new intern for South Africa and that I needed to move a Zebra to a new habitat. I couldn’t find any way to do that with the interface on the screen, so I quit the game.

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