Purchasing Decision

So at work, we just made our million dollar purchasing decision on what disk array vendor we’re going to go with. I should be rather thrilled, as it’s taken 9 months to get to this point. Instead, for some reason, I just feel depressed tonight. I think it’s due to having to tell people “no” today. Three vendors, three people I’ve gotten friendly with, three small acts that I can’t help but view as small betrayals of their time and trust. It’s just business, but sometimes business sucks.
The worst feeling of all, is that one of these people I told “no” went ahead and thought through some of the information he knew, called back about 4 hours later, and pointed out a major oversight I had made in what I was ordering from the other vendor. This oversight would have caused me a ton of grief down the line, and there wasn’t any advantage to him bringing it up. It would have benefited him if we got screwed in the long run and had to come running back to him. Instead, he just brought it up, as best I can tell, out of legitimate concern for me and my company.
Ever since that happened this afternoon, I’ve been in a little cloud of guilt over the decision process.
Maybe I’m giving him too much credit, maybe I’m taking all this too seriously, I don’t know. Still feel bad about it though.

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