I’m sorry for not updating more recently. I still have photos from May I haven’t gotten around to posting like I said I would! I’m so lazy I guess. 🙁
More importantly, I have been a bit busy with something else. I’ve started to produce a weekly podcast for RPGamer. You can find it here. You can subscribe on itunes or rss if you’d like, too. 🙂 Please listen to it and let us know what you think in the forum thread for each episode.
I am working on finishing Persona 3 still. And I feel really behind cause I still haven’t started Bioshock even though I bought it the week it came out, and all this Halo 3 hype has me wanting to finish 1 and 2. So much to experience, so little life to do it with.
I’ve started singing in church every other week or so. It’s really fun and it feels so good to be singing again.
Hmm, they’re giving away a free Manaphy for the latest Pokémon games tomorrow at Toys ‘R Us, think I’ll go and pick that up. Hope it doesn’t feel too awkward with lots of kids and stuff, though I guess it likely will. I also think while I’m out, I’ll take a look for some of those new supposed 65 nm “falcon” Xbox 360s. Been holding off on picking up a 360 for a long time, but now that Eternal Sonata is out, and since I’m planning on getting Rock Band on it, I think it might be time to get one. We’ll see how things go.

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