Woooo! I just got back from the Passion Tour concert and it was awesome.
Anytime you go to a Christian concert that starts out with 6 video screens being coordinated and synchronized to techno music (an awesome song that I really want, with lyrics saying something about being surrounded by colors let me know if it’s familiar to you), yet still making a profound spiritual statement, you know something cool’s going on.
Passion has been around almost ten years and they primary reach out to college campuses playing awesome worship music and giving great messages. I was exposed to their music during college and have been really wanting to go to an event of theirs at some point. I’m so glad I was able to go. If you’re wondering both Chris Tomlin and Steve Fee played sets tonight and Louis Giglio gave a great message about passion (the word, not their group 🙂 ).
So yeah, Passion rocks and you should check them out if you ever get a chance. It was an awesome night to worship Jesus and I’m thankful for the chance.

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