OMG Freezepop

This morning, we rode the ducks. We had portable quackers, we used them a lot to quack along with music and annoy people in Seattle, it was fantastic.
This afternoon, we went to PAX. We played games, we saw games, we watched games, we got swag. Sweet.
This evening, we went to The OneUps and Freezepop. Holy crap, wow, weee, I don’t have enough descriptive phrases. Heard one of Freezepop’s new songs that’ll be in Rock Band, it’ll be fun. The crowd was the largest they had ever played for, and it was clear they were overwhelmed and very thankful. 😀
Awesome day, really really fun, and the concerts were insanely awesome.
Tired, sleepy, more fun tomorrow, pictures and videos of duck tour and concerts pending.

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