Oh hay, iz my Mac

Okay, so I went to my appointment with the “genius.” And I have to say that it was actually a good customer service experience. While I can’t seriously vouch for his status as a genius given the 10 minutes I interacted with him, the guy who helped me was certainly competent and understood exactly what I explained to him, tried his own power adapter on my laptop, and exchanged my adapter for a new one with no problems, hiccups, or attempts to upsell anything. So I got to walk out with everything working properly and, lest anyone think that the Apple Store’s “spend money now” field wasn’t working properly, I picked up a copy of Logic Express 8 to use for my podcast.
So yeah, while I think having to set up appointments is still pretentious and silly, it went well and I can say that my Apple support experience thus far is positive. Yay. *hugs his Macbook*

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