New office

I write this entry from my new office. Yes they moved me to a new office at work so I could get the “shared office” experience. This is as my new office mate takes a month off to visit India….
So yeah, moving offices sucks. It takes forever and there’s heavy lifting and yeah. I’m also going from my own office to a shared office…which also sucks.
That aside…I got to go visit those cool people at Iowa State on Saturday and went to a Christmas party. That was very fun. Should have brought my camera so I could show you our gingerbread pirate snowship looting a semi truck. There was much booty for all!
Other cool things….oh, I get to start doing development work for RPGamer….that is if me and Myst can stop playing FFXI long enough to do other things…
FFXI info:
Main: 26 RDM Subjob: 8 WHM

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