Microsoft Rub Rabbits

Egads, I don’t post enough here.
Anyway, I just went to a Microsoft TechNet event yesterday. That was pretty fun. Got to learn about all the new features in R2 of Server 2003 that I’ll prolly never get to use. Still interesting and cool none the less, gonna try and roll out some of the new Unix features at least, so our unix people have to learn all the sysinternals commands in order to get ps and kill functionality on windows.
Oh, and maybe you didn’t hear, but Madison, got about 9 inches of snow between Wednesday and Thursday. That made going to the Microsoft REAL fun. 😉 It actually wasn’t too bad cause they plowed overnight and the biggest part of the snow fell while I was at the event. Making the drive back really weird. Got to see an entire onramp blocked off by snow while I passed by. Glad I had taken another one.
So many people at my work stayed home and connected remotely that it clogged up our VPN pipe. First time that’s ever happened. Fun stuff.
Anyway, we’re entering into a dangerous time of year. Lots and lots of good games coming out soon. This week was Grandia III which I think I’ll skip even though I don’t want to. Also this week is Rub Rabbits, the sequel to Feel the Magic for the Nintendo DS. I’m so picking this one up as I had a ton of fun with the first game, even though it seriously hurt my arm by the time I was done with it.

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