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Finishing off my stay in Vegas today. I was able to cram two separate events into my time after the work conference today.
First up was the thing any self-respecting geek has to do while in Vegas. The Star Trek experience. This was a lot smaller than I expected it to be. In fact I didn’t even bother spending time in the “museum.” Which is more like a glorified hallway with Star Trek pictures and facts printed in various displays along it.

Duras Sisters

I did get to go on the two rides they have, though. Those were pretty fun. They maintain a good suspension of disbelief and actually the way the Klingon attack ride works, you really are surprised at the start. They do a great job of setting you up and getting you into the events of the ride.
Beyond the rides, all there really is is a nice gift shop with tribbles and expensive autograph photos and stuff. And then there’s Quark’s bar. I would have liked to stop in and see if they had any Gagh, but I didn’t have time. I had to be on my way to the next show.
Which was the Tournament of Kings at The Excalibur. If you’ve ever been to Medieval Times, you’ve basically seen this show. It’s pretty much the same thing. Each audience section has a knight (in this case, a King) representing them, they fight for a while, there’s comedy, a lot of cheering and booing, and a dramatic fight scene. I got to be in the Dragon section, which means we all got to cheer for the bad guys, which is great fun.

The black knight

However, I have to say, the French section right next to us stole the show for me. They were far and away the section that was the most into it. They cheered loudest, booed other Kings loudest, and generally played up to the performers the best. It was laughable how crazy they would go when the French King was nearby or acknowledged them or anything. And he should get some credit too, as he was the best performer in my opinion, playing up to his crowd in a way no one else was able to. Lots of nice subtlety. Oh and the Spanish King made a rude gesture to the French (who of course were booing him already) during his introduction on his way in down to his section. Nice touch.

Blue Dragon at Excalibur

That’s it for Vegas though. Gonna get an milk shake sent up to my room, pack, and then get to bed so I can be ready for my flight in the morning. I’m sure to miss it, but looking back at the week, there’s really only one or two things I didn’t see that I feel like I missed out on (like that darn M&M shop that I can’t find). All in all it was a pretty cool week.
Oh, and the lions at the MGM Grand were out today.

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  1. Glad you were able to cram some fun stuff into your Vegas trip. Can’t wait to read your blog when you go to Japan!

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