Las Vegas continues

Awesome fun Vegas thing number 3. You don’t need to buy floor seats. So I went to Spamalot tonight. Awesome show. They have a lot of songs and material that isn’t in the movies. And it was really fun cause you can tell that there were tons of people in the audience who had never seen the movie, so you get to experience the first time that they’ve heard those jokes. Plus you can even get popcorn and softdrinks beforehand and bring them into the theater, which is something that I’ve never seen before in a musical theater. That theater, by the way, is awesome. Totally decked out in theme for the show. See below:

Anyway, as I’m trying to go to as many shows as I possibly can while I’m up here, I’ve been getting the cheaper seats in the balcony. However, now I’ve been to two shows, and both Blue Man and Spamalot closed off the balcony and upgraded everyone with tickets on the floor. Actually, in Spamalot I got a seat in the 3rd row from the stage (the only benefit of going to these shows by yourself is that you can be fit into wherever there’s an opening). So yeah, it looks like if you are going to Vegas in a low traffic time when shows aren’t going to sell out the floor seats and have no need to use the balcony, you can save some good money by just buying a balcony seat and hoping for an upgrade.
Your mileage may vary of course, and if you really want to be sure to get the good seats, you’ll want to shell out the money. Of course, in Spamalot’s case that gets you a plastic replica holy grail drink filled with beer or soda, as well as a behind the scenes tour and interview with the cast members. Not too bad, though that VIP ticket costs 179$.

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  1. That’s awesome! The only times I’ve been to Vegas was when I was stranded at the Las Vegas airport. I got to play the fun game of “how much of Las Vegas can you see in seven hours?” combined with “where the hell can I stash my luggage when the lockers are closed due to orange alert?” Have you been to that weird indoor mall with a fake sky painted over it that pretends to be an outdoor mall? Strangest mall I’ve ever seen…

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