Killing time

So I went to church today. Hooray! I’ve been so lazy for like 4 weeks. It was really good too. Great sermon and I found out that Passion is coming next week.
They’re a big time worship conference/concert type group that has had some groovy things like the WoodStockesque OneDay and OneDay ’03. So I’m excited. 🙂
In other news, after eating lunch with some friends from church, I went with one of them, hooked up with someone from work and checked out Kill Bill. Wow. That’s some gory sweet stylized samuraish action. So I liked it and won’t say much about it (though I have lots I’d like to say, it’d ruin the impact of the movie) here. A bit too much blood in my opinion though…
So yeah, Sophe is so much more comfortable with me than she used to be. When I got her she hid behind the couch most of the day. Now when I get up she’s curling around my feet. Now, I still can’t walk across the room towards her, but I can expect her to usually come to me. So hopefully she’ll continue trusting me more. It makes me so happy to see her be comfortable. Oh and Simon is Simon, the little mischevious dude sleeping on top of the cabinets as part of some nefarious scheme no doubt.

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