I totally suck at air travel

So I’m in California again this week. This involves flying of course. I had a 6AM flight scheduled…and…as you might guess…..I missed it.
My alarm clock either was never turned on (it was set to the right time) or I turned it off without waking up.
So I got to play the standby game, and fortunately, it worked out pretty well. Other than getting in 3 hours late.
But yes, it seems I’m completely and totally cursed when it comes to air travel.
Oh well, at least I’ve learned how to travel carry-on only.

One thought on “I totally suck at air travel”

  1. Chris, the first step to resolving an issue like this is admitting you have a problem. It appears that you’ve at least done this, but now it’s time to do something about it. I’m sure there’s some sort of support group for your condition, at least I think Ed Norton attended one in Fight Club. But at least you’ve identified the problem.

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