So since this is my second trip to California, I can compare hotels and costs now.
The hotel we had in LA for E3 seemed okay. It cost like $200/night, but we had 4 people in there. And it offered $10/day internet access which was nice, if a bit expensive. They also had like…nothing really fancy about the place.
The hotel I’m in now (and maybe this is just a Kudos to Omega Travel, for knowing how to pick hotels well), is $139/night, has digital thermostat, same TV options, and net is only $4.95/day. And the room is fancier, the hotel is fancier, and it has more options and stuff. This is Walnut Creek, but I would figure from the looks of the town that stuff should be both fancier and more expensive, not fancier and cheaper.
Guess Hollywood just sucks compared to Walnut Creek. *Shrug*

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