Hola from Guatemala

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been in Guatemala since Nov. 25th. I wanted to say hi since the hotel we’re at amazingly has computers with pretty decent internet connections. The juxtapositions in this country are amazing. You can go from dirt roads and cows to fancy restaurants all in the space of 20 minutes. I can walk one block down and find a building made from nickel sheets and yet I’m in here in a nicely decorated hotel with toilets and showers in each room and computers for me to waste time on. It’s just weird.
It’s beautiful too. I can go upstairs and look at a volcano. There are mountains all around too, and they’re all gorgeous. Unfortunately, once you go up those mountains you find people living in conditions that seem downright unfair compared to the natural beauty of the area.
I’ll be returning to the states tomorrow evening, and over the next few days I plan to get some entries up describing the trip as well as a photo gallery. Until then, buenos noches.

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