Okay, first things first. FFXI came out Wednesday and I got it and I’m playing again. And that means I have no sleep and I’m tired and need sleep but I want to play so I just fall asleep at the keyboard. Go FFXI!
So yeah, it’s fun and it’s especially good to have your character not headed for deletion in 3 months like they did with the beta test. What a waste of 200+ hours or work. πŸ™‚ Okay, so it was fun and I don’t think things’ll take that long to get back to where I was. So yay. Go retail version.
So now it’s Halloween. A person on our team at worked suggested we do the geeky thing and dress up as Epic/CachΓ©/Unix commands. I came dressed as one of our scripts “epiccontrol”. So I have a shirt that says Epic and a SNES controller tied around my waist. I know, really creative and a bad pun. But eh, I like it. πŸ™‚
But now the important part. Candy. I bought candy this year on the off chance that kids would trick or treat in my apartment. But then i realized the front door to the building is locked…..oh well…….see I was counting on no one coming anyway. Big bowl of candy just for me! d ^_^ b
Oh and that’s the other thing, japanese smileys. See they don’t do ones like πŸ™‚ because of the direction that they read and stuff I think. They do vertical oriented ones like ^_^ or m(__)m which is someone bowing. Of course I think it looks like someone hitting their head on a table but whatever. It works both ways I think. πŸ™‚ er (*’-‘)b

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