Guitar Hero Rawks

So Guitar Hero is awesome. It’s a music game. You pick up this awesome guitar controller, put it in your hands, and rock out to songs. I honestly think that’s enough reasoning for most people to go out and buy this. But if you need more descriptions…it’s like all your air-guitar dream sequences realized and solidified. You get excited as you go into solos, your heart beats faster as you hit a ton of notes without messing up and get into the good part of the song and then you turn your guitar vertical and activate the star power (basically doubling your score while making your onscreen avatar go nuts) and then you wanna jump on the sofa and slide on the ground and pretty much act out any sort of guitar related fantasy you’ve ever had or just seen on TV.
In other words, I really like this game. So I highly recommend it. It’s made by the same people who made Frequency and Amplitude, which, if you haven’t played, you should.
In other news (which I found out is old news that I just overlooked), Beatmania, another awesome music game, has been pushed back from November 2005 to March 2006. Which is kind of sad as I was looking forward to it, but since there’s so many good games coming out in these next two months, my wallet will appreciate the delay.

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