Guatemala Day 5

Today was a relatively easy day. We started out sightseeing around Antigua, which is a touristy town. I got some shots of some old churches and they’re in my gallery. Also got to see the square downtown which looks like a fun little square to relax in, not that I had time to. They have market areas there too, where you can buy lots of well..not exactly “native” gifts. It really is odd to see an outdoor booth of electronics being sold next to cloth and belts and shoes. But yeah, there you go. I even found an arcade, which was packed, so I didn’t get to play.
In the afternoon we went to a village which holds several families that the the leaders of the Trip sponsor kids from. It was a combined birthday party for two of the people from the families with Allison from our team. So there were gifts and a great meal (we gave them money to prepare a party with and man, it was really good). They had the best cake afterwards too. We got lots of pictures of cute kids and for like two hours I kept trying to get a shot of the cat that was living there, but it was always running away as my camera powered up. Finally got it though. Also, one of the people there wanted one of their kid’s sponsored (you can only have one kid sponsored per family), and well, one of our team members got to them first. At that point, I think any of the team members who weren’t already sponsoring a kid would have said yes. So anyway, praise God for generosity and that this kid gets to go to school now.
As a side note, this village was a lot better off than the two we did the distributions in. Hence why we didn’t do one here. They team leaders have been involved in this village for some time, and showed us a school they helped to build. It seems that on one of the previous visits to the village we went to today they learned about the two villages we did distributions in, and thus our trip was made possible.

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