Guatemala Day 3

Oh. my. Gosh. I had the best chile relleno tamale for breakfast this morning. It was so good with some lime on it. Too bad I almost used the lime Cesar to fix the car battery with (yeah, I didn’t know they were good for fixing car batteries either…). Anyway, after a good laugh about that, we’re off to do the first distribution.
Enter our trek up the mountain. We had to take trucks due to the steep unpaved roads, so we all got to ride in the back 🙂 A short bumpy ride later and we were up in the first village. Lots of kids running along…strangely similar to that scene in Lord of the Rings where the kids run along after Gandalf…yeah..okay maybe not quite but I’m looking for similes here. Anyway, we setup shop in a school building and dedicate one room to food and medicine/vitamin distribution and the other to clothing distribution. Of course, we have no luggage….well not yet.
We had gotten a call, our driver that we sent to pick up the luggage reported that it had indeed arrived, and after a brief run in with customs where they tried to get him to pay a bribe, he had it on its way to us. All we had to do was kill time till it arrived.
So we start off with an introduction of who everyone is, and that we were there because we believe Jesus called us to spread the good news of the gospel and help feed and clothe the poor. Then we have games like musical chairs for the kids, and I start a marathon frisbee session for a couple hours. Randy had some fun bouncing rubber bouncy balls way up in the air and blowing up balloons and generally had a large mob of boys around him for a while. Anyway, finally the luggage arrived! Hoorah!
We unload the suitcases and finally begin the clothing distribution (we had enough medicine and of course bought the food there, so that was going on during the game time). We went family by family and gave everyone one piece of clothing and all the kids a game and as supplies lasted shoes or flashlights to the men and women. We learned that Guatemalan men were a lot skinnier than Americans…most of the mens clothes we had were “muy grande” and asking if we had anything smaller. I tell you, it’s very odd to see poor people get picky about the free stuff they’re getting, but I guess if this is your only shot to get stuff for a very long time, you want to make it as good as possible. Anyway, it was fun finding clothes for everyone (which is good, cause it took hours to get through everyone).
Afterwards, we dropped off the clothing and food for the next day and went to the hotel for dinner and to rest up before distribution two…which would be followed with a nice long drive back to Antigua.

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