Guatemala Day 2

Oh yeah, we got to drive five hours today. We ate “breakfast” (it was more brunch by the time we got there) at a neat restaurant on the way. This country is looking pretty well to do at this point. Nice clean fast food restaurants, internet, nice rental buses…could the possibly be poverty here? If so, where were they hiding it.
Anyway, after lunch we continue on the the rest of the five hour trip and arrive at the Hotel Campo Real in Chiqimula. This area is near where the villages are that we’re going to distribute food and clothing at. So we unload our bags into our hotel rooms…which have private bathrooms, and 9” tvs with free cable…yeah, okay. So my previous mission trip was to Africa. My expectations were for shared bathrooms, sparse rooms and just plain not very good conditions, and instead I get running showers and cable. Okay, so no hot water, but really, who can complain when you have free cable? I’m out right surprised/happy/blessed/not really sure what to think at this point, other than at least I’d be well rested for the work we were going to do.
Okay, so anyway the day isn’t much past half over, so we’re off to buy the food that we’re going to give out on Sunday and Monday. We do this at a market that finds ways to violate physics with the amount of goods they cram into such a small space. They even have weird snack food with fun labels. I love weird foreign snackfood. It’s not like it tastes any different really, it’s just fun to see what they sell. For example, apparently most people in this country don’t own toasters, so you can buy pre-toasted bread! They even had pre-toasted bread…with double fiber!
Anyway, we get our first lesson in patience. We have to wait for what feels like two hours while the food is bought and loaded into a truck.’s off to store it in a secure area Cesar owns in Jocotan (the city closest to the villages, not more than like 40 minutes from our hotel in Chiqimula). We get there and bag up the food assembly line style (this went exceedingly fast).
And back we go to the hotel for dinner and sleepybye.
Oh, and where was our luggage? It wasn’t here yet..and the courier service is closed on
Sunday, so we send our own guy to pick it up and bring it back to us tomorrow. Trusting, hoping, and praying that it’ll all be there…

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