Sorry for not updating sooner.
Some of you probably already know, but I’m going to go on a missions trip to Guatemala for the five days following Thanksgiving.
We’re going to bring food, medicine and other supplies to a small village in Guatemala. We’re also going to help set up the equivalent of a Good Will store for people to be able to buy clothes for cheap. Basically we go and hand out food and clothes to the dirt poor, and set up the store for those with slightly more means. There’s also fun interaction with kids and churches and all that cool stuff.
I’m going with a relatively new project started by a husband and wife team at my church. They have a website here: You can see pictures of some of the people from the area. They go there a lot, and I’m really happy to have such a easy chance to go without having to use more than 4 vacation days. I’ve been praying for a chance to do a missions trip to a poor country again, and well, God provided. 🙂

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