Grammar Quest VIII

Me and my roommate created a new game after playing some DragonQuest VIII and getting into some geeky grammar talk.
So I proudly present to you Grammar Quest VIII by Jerad Parish (some concept creation help by Chris Privitere)
A dangling participle appears.
Noob casts Interjection! (“Waaait!!”)
The dangling participle had started to attack, but it stopped abruptly!
Yangus attacks with Double Negative! 42 damage to the dangling participle.
Jessica summons a pronoun and an antecedent!
…But they disagree and destroy each other! No damage to the dangling participle.
The dangling participle calls for help.
A verb and a preposition appear!
The verb psyches himself up. Tense increases to “subjunctive”!
Noob attacks with comma splice! 38 damage to the dangling participle.
The dangling particple, verb, and preposition combine into… a sentence fragment!
The sentence fragment attacks with a flurry of apostrophe and comma errors! The party is confused!
The sentence fragment casts Unnecessary Punctuation!
A left angle bracket hits Noob for 57 damage!
An ampersand hits Yangus for 46 damage!
A swarm of parentheses hit Jessica for 61 damage!
Yangus uses Grammar Check! But there are too many errors.
Jessica uses the Red Pen! 94 damage to the sentence fragment.
Noob uses Word Confusion (level 3 – lend vs. loan)! The sentence fragment absorbs the words!
The sentence fragment finds its misplaced modifiers and transforms into …a run-on sentence!
The run-on sentence attacks with all of its words! 113 damage to Noob.
Limit break: Noob uses Split Infinitive! 315 damage to the run-on sentence.
The party combines magic to cast Ultima Conjugation! A horde of verb forms are launched at the run-on sentence!
to win (infinitive) -> 38 damage
win (present) -> 27 damage
winning (present progressive) -> 31 damage
won (past) -> 19 damage
were winning (past progressive) -> 29 damage
will win (future) -> 36 damage
have won (present perfect) -> 31 damage
has been winning (present perfect progressive) -> 49 damage
had won (past perfect) -> 28 damage
will have won (future perfect) -> 33 damage
had been winning (past perfect progressive) -> 42 damage
will be winning (future progressive) -> 35 damage
will have been winning (future perfect progressive) -> 51 damage
as if we had won (subjunctive) -> 38 damage
win! (imperative) -> 41 damage
528 damage to the run-on sentence.
The run-on sentence is defeated.
Vocabulary increases by 73 points.
Noob’s level increases! Ability: Word Confusion increases to level 4 (imply vs. infer)!
Jessica’s level increases! Learns ability, Typo Beam!

2 thoughts on “Grammar Quest VIII”

  1. That is High-Larious. I like words! Mmm Chocolate marshmallows r good, I am eating some plus I am at work. So keep up good postings to entertain the Gina’s! I sleep now!!

  2. DUDE.
    The word “defense” is spelled “defence” during battles in DQ8.
    The Pennsylvania Dutch would say, “The hay over defence throw.”

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