GDC Day 5

And that brings us to Friday.
The last day of the conference’s primary goal was to play any games we hadn’t tried yet, unfortunately, we got a late start. Anyway, I was able to catch the Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi’s presentation about 2D gaming vs. 3D gaming. Really good arguments on the advantages of doing spatial dependent action gaming in 2D. It all basically comes down to 2D games being done faster, costing less, and being superior for actions…..but not appealing to main stream audiences. He’s confident it’ll live on, especially in mobile markets. I was tempted to ask him about what happens when cell phones and all get to the point where they have the power to do 3D gaming too, but I figure the entire market will change by then. For now, 2D gaming lives on in the mobile world (which sucks for me, as console controllers are a lot nicer on my hands).
After getting some time to play through Hellgate London, and some Multiverse MMOs. By the way, if you want to design your own MMO games, Multiverse provides a free toolset that will get you everything you need. Some good stuff is coming from the random users on the forums, so it’s kind of exciting to see what happens with that. User generated content for the win. I’ll have a story on it up too.
I have too many stories left to do still…and I have to go back to my normal job tomorrow. Bleh, I hope I can get out on time so I have time to work on them.
Anyway, Friday night culminated with Video Games Live. Yes, I seem to be unable to avoid going to video game concerts twice. It was okay as VGL is good at changing things up. This time, the notable things were a reappearance by Mr. Koji Kondo (Super Mario/Zelda/Starfox) to play some Mario Brothers on the piano. Also, Martin Leung was there to play some insanely fast Mario, Namco, and Final Fantasy music. The dude has skills. After the concert was a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong line to get autographs by 25 various video game composers/performers of varying fame. Kondo was one of them. Firemyst and Fenrir made me leave. Rawr.
Anyway, it was a great ending to a fun week (even if we did argue a lot while we were there). Thanks Myst and Fenrir, thanks RPGamer, and thanks GDC. Now to go and actually play some games.

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