GDC 2007 Day Two

So after a night of gorging on chocolate in Ghiradelli square, we got up and headed downtown to Perpetual Entertainment’s headquarters to get some hands on impressions of Gods and Heroes, their upcoming MMORPG. I wrote up an article for RPGamer and you can read it if you’d like.
Afterwards, we checked out the GDC area, picked up our press badges, and saw the four teams competing in Microsoft’s XNA challenge. Then it was back to Perpetual for a reception and opportunity to talk to the people creating the Star Trek Online MMORPG. Finally, we came back to our hotel room to post up our stories, and for some reason, that took until 1 AM, at which point we all collapsed and listened to Mikel’s snoring until we fell asleep.
Still haven’t had time to post pictures, I will get to it though. 🙂

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