GDC 2007 Day 4

Thursday began the same as normal, head down to the convention center to pick up some breakfast and split up to cover a couple different things. I went down to Miyamoto’s keynote, something which was going to be more exciting when we thought it was going to have announcements like Sony’s did. Unfortunately, due to a pending stock sale, that just wasn’t going to happen.
Instead, we got a fairly entertaning demonstration of how Nintendo is attracting non-gamers. This was demonstrated via Miyamoto’s wife’s interest. Aka. the wife-o-meter. Check my photos when I get them up, I’ll make sure it’s in there. I’m sure gamespot or 1up has coverage of it up too, along with the Mario Galaxy movie.
The afternoon saw checking out Sacred 2 (I’ll have a story up tomorrow on RPGamer) and going to Eiji Aonuma’s presentation about Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass. He described how they aimed to attract gamers back to the series, make it accessible to casual/non-gamers, and a bunch of other aspects, and we actually do have coverage of that up here.
That evening, we chose to keep working on stories and stuff instead of going to parties, though I still got less done than I’d hoped. I don’t know why, but I have like no energy after 10PM at these events. I start falling asleep. It doesn’t make sense as I stay up really late at home. Maybe it’s the jetlag.

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