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So my work sends old computer stuff to a place that tries to resell it, but if you know where they we store it here and you’re trusted not to try to strip proprietary info off of hard disks you can just take the stuff. This is how I got my seondary computer, and this week I got to upgrade.
Yep, they had the same model as what I got last time from “the bin,” but this one is a PII 400 compared to the 300 I got last time. It also has an integrated creative PCI sound chip and stuff. Of course, moving my hard drive and cd rom to the new case resulted in windows 98SE crashing everytime I start it up, so I had to reinstall, but hey it was free so no complaints. And yes I know I shouldn’t use Windows 98, but it’s easy and it’s just for chatting. (I’ll install FreeBSD on the second hard drive soon). But anyway something much cooler was in the pile.
A WORKING 17″ MONITOR WITH A CLEAR PICTURE. Seriously, this thing had a post-it note saying “Reported bad, and you can hear parts moving inside when you move it.” I wonder if they even bothered to test it…just weird. But yeah, free monitor. So I can actually read text on the other comuter screen without having to focus for a while. (I had a 15″ monitor I got from a coworker for $35, and this monitor is in better focus, is 2″ bigger, brighter and just kicks its butt, in fact it may be better than my monitors on my desk at work)
So I’ll have to find someone who needs my other monitor, any takers? Email me.
I found some way to:
Play Stormbringer with my gaming group
Play FFX-2
Play Myst
Play URU
and Reinstall windows 98
all while still getting to bed at 2AM.
That’s insane, I still don’t get how I pulled that off.
Man, you just don’t know how much nicer a decent monitor makes a computer feel.

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  1. Hey, Brooke needs a new monitor… her’s is going out on her, but she has trouble with migraines so if she can’t read it right off the bat it’s probably not a good idea to give it to her. I was going to say something but I forgot. but then, if you find any other reasonable monitors in the bin you know where to stow them;).

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