Free Las Vegas Trip

So I arrived in Las Vegas yesterday to go to EMC World, which is basically a big IT conference put on a by one of the big storage vendors and showcasing their products and stuff. Anyway, that doesn’t really matter cause I’m in Vegas so i get to do awesome fun Vegas things.

Awesome fun Vegas thing number 1. Staying at THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay (yes, the THE is capitalized).
Conference rate was acceptably priced for my work to purchase, they ran out of hotels at the normal Mandalay Bay, so I get conference rate at THE Hotel which is even better. I swear this place is just a renamed Four Seasons, though there is an actual Four Seasons at The Mandalay Bay as well, just on the top most floors. So I dunno what’s up with that. Here’s an image from my room.

Yeah, it’s a suite. 🙂
Awesome fun Vegas thing number 2.
Blue Man Group. I went there tonight and it was great. Oh, and I got to be in the show. They brought me on stage and dressed me up in a protective jump suit and even smudged some blue paint on my face. I did my part well, doing my costume change and so forth back stage, but apparently the video feed wasn’t working, so the audience didn’t get to see what they were supposed to, so I don’t know how it worked out for them, but it seems that they didn’t notice things being too off. The Blue Men are pretty good performers, making it seem like everything was going like it was supposed to. Anyway, freaking sweet, I was on stage and got applauded and it was really fun. I highly recommend you go to their show if you can. They’re in several cities and have a tour which is a completely different show as well.
Not so awesome fun Vegas thing. After my awesome Las Vegas Strip debut, I walked around gathering tickets I purchased for Tuesday and Wednesday (Spamalot and Penn & Teller respectively). One was at the Wynn, no biggie, it was nearby the theater I just came from and the box office was open and all was good. Then I walked to The Rio, which is 10 times farther away than it looks. It was only when I was leaving The Rio that I saw a sign telling me about a shuttle that runs from a hotel on strip that I had passed on my way to the Rio that would have saved me a bunch of time and my legs a bunch of pain. Boo. But at least I was able to take it back and now I know for when I have to come back out on Wednesday.
Oh and then I had to find my way back on to the monorail (cue Simpsons monorail song, cause that’s exactly what happened to this city). There are two things I’ve learned about Vegas hotels on the strip:
1) They are not hotels, they are shopping malls with casinos in them. And they are huge.
2) They are constructed like mazes. If you are trying to pass through to get to, say, the monorail station at the back of the hotel, they wrap you around the whole hotel and walk you by three billion shops and slot machines and gambling tables in an effort to get your attention and money. I hate this.
This lead to it taking me an hour and 15 minutes to get from The Rio back to my hotel. Hopefully I can do it faster on Wednesday now that I know exactly where all the relevant entrances and exits and shuttles I need are.
Anyway, enough ranting. The conference is good, my room is fantastic, and of course I’ve had an experience tonight that I’ll never forget. Can’t complain after that. 🙂

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