Free Ipod?

So here’s my friends email to me:

“I found this web site (yes from spam) called I thought at first yeah right, like they are going to send me an ipod free, but then I did some poking around on the web and they actually do send the ipods out from the sounds of it. The site is driven by completing online offers, some free, some not. To get an ipod you need to get 5 other people to sign up on the site (and yes it will probably generate spam in your inbox). So I wanted to see if it were true (and heck getting a free ipod isn’t so bad).
So the favor (in case you have not guessed already) is to sign up at the site and complete one of the offers. The easiest free offer is the 2-week trial membership at, which is what I did. You need to stay a member for 2 weeks and then you can cancel.
Since I am sure all of you have at least 5 other friends besides those on this list, you could try this out for yourself as well.
If you sign up or not can you please let me know so that I can find some more suckers-err-people to get signed up?
The link
Link omitted
Thanks everyone (yes I know I’m crazy and shouldn’t bother, but I’m really curious),
name omitted”

So I signed up and did the Blockbuster deal and made an appointment in my Outlook to cancel on the last day. Of course, this leaves me with my own referral link and ability to get an ipod…so if anyone wants to help…here’s the link:

Removed due to friends thinking I’m spamming them.

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