Final Fantasy Crystal Chronices: My Life as a King

So I just downloaded Final Fantasy Crystal Chronices: My Life as a King on my Wii to check it out. Unfortunately so far all I have are some negatives:
1) Downloading it takes forrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeveeerrrrrrrrrrr. We’re talking like PS3 firmware update speeds (which is a long time, like 20 minutes).
2) The graphics have bugs! I’ve never seen this on a Wii title before, at least not like this. There’s shimmering. Random pixels that look completely out of place just splattered across the screen when looking at certain items like the main crystal in the game.
Hmm, may as well live-blog this.
Built three houses, out of elements. Need to send a dude to go get more random-mineral that-they-just-made-up.
Well this game certainly takes a while to get going. Got another building, named my town, and am starting to maybe have fun with the game, waiting for my adventurers to return to town so I can welcome them back.
Wow, okay so like all games where you keep having to build and level and tweak and maximize, it becomes addictive. Didn’t mean to play for 3 hours but I did. Verdict so far is tentative recommendation. It really starts to pick up as you get lots of people in your kingdom.

One thought on “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronices: My Life as a King”

  1. Glad you like it. I’m interested to hear your continued thoughts on it but I probably will not download it myself, though. I’m having plenty of fun with NES and TG-16 games.
    How much storage space does FFCC use on the Wii?

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