Feline Oral Care

Someone explain to me why my cat’s have to be the ones with teeth problems. They have some sort of chronic gingavitis. It’s not responding to the allergen-free food, it’s not responding to the Max/Oral Care gel, it’s not responding to the latest anti-biotic we’ve got them on, and, to top it all off, the one anti-biotic they DID respond to caused their digestive systems to go haywire. So now they have chronic diarrhea and chronic gingivitis. Yeah, going in and coming out.
We’ve got them on amoxicillin and some long m-drug to try and kill the bad bacteria that’s likely in their intestines now. And we’re putting them off the allergen-free food in an attempt to fix the digestive issues. Then we can focus on the teeth again.
The long and short of it seems to be that we’ll likely have to remove every tooth from my cats. Yeah, I’m going to have some weird looking cats. This is frustrating. I’m hoping the vet has some more tricks up her sleeves. She says I can visit a tooth specialist too, but every time someone in my situation has visited them, the specialist just agrees with her and sends them back to have the teeth removed.

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