*Sabin1001 pokes the darkness.
So….does anyone check this thing? Guess I haven’t kept up with it enough to string anyone along. Oh well. Um, I can’t think of anything to talk about….
Okay, let’s find any miscellaneous topics.
First of all, Nubuo is level 14 and will easily hit 15 on Thursday when we play again. He’s shaping up just fine. It’s crazy how much faster we level in the Retail version. We just know what to do now. But unfortunately, the server is so crowded that it mitigates that a little.
In other news, I have this desire to install some Linux/Unix on this Windows 98 machine. I mean, I haven’t even been having problems with it crashing or anything, but I just feel like it could be better/stabler/faster…even though it isn’t being bad/unstable/slow. Oh well, guess I’m just tired of the way it looks. Probably need a new monitor for it more than anything else. I have a stinky little 15″ on it right now. So it looks small next to my 19″. In fact I run the machine in 800×600 because of this, so it looks crowded and unpleasant.
Oh well, I’m sure that was terribly exciting 😉 I’ll try to experience a good anecdote today and write that down.

2 thoughts on “Empty?”

  1. It’s better to check weblogs than to base off anyone reading based on comments. If you want comments, you have to post pointless crap. If it’s a useful entry, replies are scarce. 😉
    I guess it’s all about what you’re looking for with having a blog in the first place.

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