E3 Day -1

Okay, So I went to E3 this year. This is the big Electronics Entertainment Expo: read video games being shown off for 3 days.
I got to meet my RPGamer friends too for the first time in person. That was really really cool. It rocked. Here’s a journal of the conference.
Day 0 – Monday, May 10th
[6:00AM] – I awaken to find my cell phone ringing. It’s a call from United telling me that my flight has been delayed due to crew rest. I later found out that meant the flights got in late last night due to weather, and the crews were required to get sleep so they wouldn’t crashed. Can’t complain too much, but I just can’t seem to ever catch a break with Madison’s airport. I ALWAYS have a delay on my trips, sometimes coming in, sometimes going out.
[late 9 AM] – My flight finally leaves, getting me to Chicago at around 11:00. I try to get on an earlier flight (oh, the delay meant I missed my connection and they put me on a 12:04 PM flight to LA via Denver, meaning I’d get there at 4 when I was gonna get there at 12:30 before), but alas because my luggage was checked (something I always wish I didn’t have to do), I was stuck on my flights due to new security rules.
[4:00 PM] – I get to LA and call Mikel. Zach is going to the Square-Enix Press conference in my place but he’ll pick up my ticket for the concert from Square-Enix for me. I *sigh* and go the hotel, unpack a little and split a cab with Raza down to the concert hall (the same cabbie from the airport waited for me, got $65 from me that day…at least he was fast). Hooray, I’m at the concert!
[6:00 PM] – I’m ravenously hungry and buy food at the concert hall, yes $3 for a small bag of chips CAN sound reasonable when you haven’t eaten all day. Then I met up with Mike and Zack and we go to watch Nobuo! It was soooooooooo cool. I got a program (Zack got the free one I should have gotten, the jerk) for $25 and it’s so pretty. Artwork is good. At the end of the concert Amano and Sakaguchi and Uematsu talk a bit and then I go with Mikel to a Q&A with Nubuo. Not much interesting was said, but it was cool to here him answer questions.
[11:00? PM] – We got back to the room, got some late night International House of Pancakes action, and passed out.
More Days and Pics to come.

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